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What's ONiAd and its potential?

Everything started seven years ago when, my colleague Javier Martínez Amo and me, Pablo Sanagustín Sáenz, decided to take the leap to the international market by opening several companies for selling technological products.
From this clear necessity of putting our products into the markets from China for the rest of the world, we decided to focus on a type of advertising only accessible for high level and renowned international brands. All this was happening because the entry barriers were quite high, even investing 100k per month just in ads.

Programmatic Advertising

With the programmatic advertising, we discovered a huge new market niche because we may democratize this kind of advertising and reach to small businesses from all around the world without those entry barriers. 

ONiAd’s creation

After several years of market research and making tests in BOOTSTRAPPING format, we decided to start working on the project.

Four years later ONiAd became a reality with quite promising ratios within the Spanish market, and we knew we were ready to step into LatinAmerica.


Our vision

Our aim is to become in the technology that allows any kind of digital environment to sell its whole advertising stock without the need of any sales forces and up-to-the-minute, removing any kind of intermediary. And what’s more, we want to become the ideal technology together with Facebook and Google to develop a 360º strategy for any worldwide SME.

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