Two ways to grow your business

1. ONiAd manages the campaigns

Our team and yours, we’ll both work together to create your campaign and banners from scratch.
  • We get the best results in your campaign.
  • We create the strategy and the ads.
  • Active monitoring by a specialist.

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2. You manage the campaigns

Launch and manage your advertising campaigns autonomously in a few minutes.
  • No fees or permanence.
  • Flexible budget: you decide the investment.
  • Access to support from our specialists.

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1. ONiAd manages the campaigns: saving packs

100% of pack’s cost goes to advertising investment for your campaign. Everything else is on us.

Taxes not included

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2. You manage the campaigns

No fees or permanence. You only pay when your ads are seen by users.

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Flexible budget
No fees or permanence
Free specialist support

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