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Advantages of ONiAd’s affiliate program

Recurring commissions

Get a revenue stream by recommending ONiAd. Enjoy a 10% recurring commission forever!

It's easy

Joining the affiliate program is very easy, just register through the form and you’ll get your link.


Growth Our company is growing and you, as an affiliate, will grow as well. Join a company with a promising present and future.

Ongoing training

You’ll have access to all the training material in programmatic purchasing and digital advertising: webinars, ebooks, manuals…


You and your referrals will always have an ONiAd personal account manager at your disposal to solve any possible doubt.

Cutting-edge tool

ONiAd is a technological tool to make digital advertising pioneer in its sector.

Start enjoying all the advantages of being an ONiAd affiliate

The affiliate program is perfect for you if…

If you invest a lot of time in generating content and keeping your website and Social Media up to date, why not make money with it?

Joining the ONiAd affiliate program will allow you to earn an extra income, it’s very easy!

The greater the number of users of your website or followers on your Social Networks, the greater the reach of your shared links.

Are you an influencer on Twitter? Do you have a lot of contacts on LinkedIn? Are you a YouTuber?

Then start earning money with your link!

What company doesn’t currently advertise? Surely your contacts in the business world may be interested in a cutting-edge tool with which they can make digital advertising in prestigious media.

Don’t let someone else tell you, recommend ONiAd and start earning money!

Do you have any questions?

Our affiliate program allows you to earn money by recommending ONiAd. Attract advertisers who use our tool and you’ll receive a 10% commission on the investment they make forever!

If you know companies that might be interested, just provide them with your unique affiliate link. When they click on it and register, they’ll be assigned to your recommended customer base.

To start using the affiliate program, click here.

Important: Commissions are generated based on payments, not campaign spending.

Example: if the customer tops up a balance of 50€, a payment is made and this generates a commission of 5€ (10%). However, the cost of the campaign at that time is 0€. The commission is generated on the payment and not on the expense.

Of course. In your ONiAd Control Panel, click “Recommend” and you’ll have access to all the information so you can share your unique affiliate link.

We’d love you to be an ONiAd customer, but it isn’t a requirement to become an affiliate.

The registration emails are partially visible. In this way, if you know the email address of that person, it will be easy for you to identify them and, at the same time, we preserve the anonymity of the rest of the users, in accordance with the current law.

Yes, all agencies are first registered with an Advertiser Account (standard) and then this account is turned into an Agency Center.

If this happens, instead of the 10% commission, you’ll receive a one-time payment of 300€ at the time the agency has invested its first 300€ in ONiAd.

Of course, you can recommend ONiAd to your contacts, students, clients… And provide them with your affiliate link, even if you don’t have a website on which to publish our banners.

This is very unusual. It can only happen in the following cases:

  • Breach of our Terms and Conditions.
  • A recommended customer decides to link to an agency to manage the campaigns.
  • A recommended client turns the account into an Agency Center, in which case you’ll receive a one-time payment of 300€ at the time the agency has invested its first 300€ in ONiAd.

You can view and manage the accumulated commissions in this section. Once there, you have two options when it comes to taking advantage of your commissions:

A) Reinvest in ONiAd. In this way you’ll convert your commissions into a balance to use in your campaigns. It has the advantage of being able to do it from the first euro (without having to wait). To do this, simply click on the “Manage commissions” button.

B) Settle. The money will be transferred to the bank account you indicate to us, and you must upload an invoice following the instructions that will be indicated to you. Remember that it is necessary to have accumulated commissions of 200€ or more to settle.

To get recommended customers you only have to share your affiliate link with professionals, companies or agencies you know.

These are some of the most common ways to publish your link:

  • On your blog or website
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • E-mail

For more details on how to do it visit this section.

Start enjoying all the advantages of being an ONiAd affiliate

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